Guyana Missions
2001 Report
25 August 2001


Dear Brethren,

Well, the summer has ended here in Guyana, and WHAT A SUMMER IT HAS BEEN! God has blessed us in ways that I could not even begin to imagine. It seemed that on every corner, we were being met with new opportunities. At every turn, we could see God's hand in our work, and we could feel His blessings as well.

Here is a very brief summary of what we have been able to be involved in thus far:

So Far This Year...

In January and February, we did the following:

Since 1992, we have had 82 different Medical Missions.

And the work just keeps on Progressing! Just look at what else has happened this year!

Josh Quinlan and Melissa Jones INTERNS

We had two interns that worked with us the entire summer. Melissa Jones, and Josh Quinlan came to Guyana the middle of May, and have been here all summer long. They helped us get our equipment up to speed, organized our warehouse and clinic area, painted, cleaned, moved things, and generally got everything all sorted out. Then, when the teams were here, they reconfirmed tickets, sorted out getting ice and water for our teams, and made sure that all the equipment our teams use was there for them in proper working order and in an orderly way. Without them, we would have had a very difficult time.

And they did this totally as volunteers!

What a GREAT pair of Interns! Thanks Josh and Melissa, for a work well done!


Jerry and Pat Veatch Jerry and Pat are from Wichita Kansas, and moved here in June to work with us for at least the next three years. Jerry serves as our Assistant Director of Operation Guyana, and Pat serves as our Clinic Supervisor for our permanent clinic at our office.

Pat organized our Pharmacy here at our office and literally has made it where we can lay our hands on what we need ... when we need it.

Jerry is our troubleshooter. He works with our local churches and preachers, and also makes sure our equipment is working properly.

They are a long overdue addition to our staff. And the exciting thing is that they will be here all year! This will enable us to do things that we could NEVER do before. Things like follow up care of clinic patients, organizing year round projects, and helping us pinpoint what needs to be done in terms of nurturing.

Jerry will also help us get our Operation Guyana Nurturing Institute off the ground. This "school" will be designed to help us offer practical resources to the church here in Guyana the year round, and also offer our preachers and others a way to further their education. This school will get kicked off sometime after the first of the year.


In the month of August, we sent two teams to Bartica to re-establish the church there. Way back in 1992, I saw a copy of a letter from the church there ... they were begging for help. Unfortunately, help never arrived, and the church died there. In fact, it was dead for several years.

This year, we rekindled the fires there with two weeks of gospel meetings. Thirty-seven precious souls were baptized into Christ, and 6 were restored to the body of Christ. Then ... the church was established in Atakosh, too.

We are excited about what the Lord has in store for the work there, and already have plans for several activities there! And God just keeps on adding to His number!


Also this summer, we held our fourth annual Live the Mission Encampment! This has been going on for three years now, and the people that have been impacted by this have seen amazing changes in their lives.

Live the Mission is designed to instill in the minds of our teens and college-age young people, a heart for missions. This is done by spending a week together in a camp setting in the Rainforest, followed by a week working with one of our Medical Teams. This summer, we had 24 who were involved in our camp, and already things are shaping up for 2002.

Our Theme for next year will be: Live the Mission - Stepping out of the Boat! If you know of a teen or college-age person who you think might be interested in this wonderful experience, let us know right away.


One of the real benefits of our work this year has been the move to the Cara Inn. This has allowed our work to enter an entirely different phase. Now ... our teams, my family, our office and Pharmacy, and all of our storage, is under one roof.

Our new office is really set up well. It allows us to shift things around and use our facility in a variety of ways. We can conduct a clinic, hold classes, meet with our staff, and so much more ... from one central location. AND ... since it is here at the hotel, we enjoy great security, and fabulous exposure! What an incredible blessing this has been!

Now our office has its own Copy Machine, Fax Machine, Computer set up, and room to expand, too! This allows us not only to assist the teams and our work, but to also help the local churches!


There have also been two new developments in terms of our work here that will open even more doors of opportunity.

First, after almost 10 years of working here in Guyana, the Government has granted us Permanent Residence Status. This allows us to come and go freely in Guyana, and not to have to apply for a work permit every single year. In fact, this gives us the ability to live and work here as Guyanese! What an incredible help to our work.

Secondly, Operation Guyana is in the process of being recognized as a Non-Government Organization (NGO), which gives us an entirely different relationship with the Government here. It allows us to do even more, and in fact, reduces our difficulties and "red tape" along the way. All this, while still being recognized as a ministry of Churches of Christ.


Last year's Lectureship was a great success! And already, we are making BIG plans for our next one. The dates have been set (Feb. 5-8, 2002), the Theme has been decided on ("Jesus Shows Us How"), and we are currently building our schedule of speakers.

Word is already getting out about this event, and I am certain that we will have hundreds in attendance.

Start praying now that God will bless our efforts, and allow us to continue this great work for years to come.


So, as you can see, we have been busy. Souls have been saved, the church continues to grow, and God is glorified. What a wonderful experience it has been, too!


God is moving rapidly throughout the country in Guyana, and many other efforts (independent of Operation Guyana) are also growing and progressing. God is blessing the efforts of the Guyana International Bible Institute (formally known as our School of Biblical Studies), the Hope Children's Home (housed at Enmore), World Bible School, and countless other crusade and Medical Missions, as well as many other efforts going on all over the country.

God is moving and working! And we praise Him that we are getting to be a small part of His plan!

Keep us in your regular and daily prayers! Ask God to continue to use us, and to lead us to even GREATER opportunities for His cause.

And thank you so much for your support in other ways, too. Thanks for your encouragement. Thanks for your financial support. Thanks for all you do to hold up our arms during the battle. We could not do this without you.

Our prayer for you is that God will richly bless you as well!

May God use us all in His efforts!

Your Brother in Christ,

Steve DeLoach

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