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To begin, you must fill in a "Nick name" (any name is fine) in the box below. "Real name" and "Email address" may be left blank if you wish. This chat room does not use a password. Then click on "OK, Connect!" and you are ready to chat.

Type your message in the one line text box below, pressing your "Enter" key to send each sentence.

By default your message is sent to all users. To send a message to an individual, mark the "Private Chat" check box and then highlight the user name from the list on the right.

And of course we insist that you remember to keep the discussions civil, in particular avoiding obscenities and other offensive language. Please treat others with kindness and respect.

To screen out an obnoxious or annoying user, click on the user name in the list to the right and then mark the "Ignore User" check box.

There are several advanced features that you may want to try out - type *chat to get a list of some options. Don't forget the ASTERISK (i.e., *) before the chat.
To monitor when someone enters the chat room, you can get an audible cue by typing *beep enter on. You can hear when someone leaves the room by typing *beep leave on.

If you would like to read additional instructions, please link to Frequently Asked Questions.

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