Depending on services to be offered, the following is a break down into areas of individual responsibility. These areas should be filled at the initial planning session and should be filled by different people. (Each job is so mammoth, that no one should try to take on more than one.)

Job Descriptions

Director of Team - This man is responsible for the smooth management of all people on the team. He will be recognized as the team leader. He takes care of all decisions, problems, and emergencies. This person needs to be able to manage people well and have the respect of the team. He must be able to make decisions and be able to deal with a variety of situations or problems.

Medical Director - This person is responsible for the flow of the Medical side of the clinic. He decides who sees what patients. He is responsible for seeing to all matters that relate to medical practice. When we arrive on site, this person will be shown the area that he has to work with, then decide where each doctor, dentist, optometrist, etc., works and what they will be able to use in way of support personnel.

Assistant in Charge of Nursing - This person will work hand in hand with the Medical Director to decide who among the support personnel will do what. The Charge Nurse will decide where each nurse, E.M.T., Paramedic, and other support personnel will be best used and suited. The Charge Nurse will assist the Medical Director and serve at his/her discretion.

Personal Work Director - This person will be in charge of the flow of the clinic in the initial stages. He will see to the needs of the personal workers, organize lunch schedules and break schedules, serve as a "trouble shooter" for the personal workers, and make sure the flow of the clinic is going well from the gate to the doctors. He must keep an eye on how many are backed up with the doctors and how many are backed up out at the gate. His job will be to decide when to cut off the studies each day to guarantee an easy transition.

The Personal Work Director will also be responsible for training of the Personal Work Team prior to their arrival in Guyana. Although he may not actually do the teaching, it is vital that he sees to the teaching and makes sure that everyone is ready upon their arrival. This will require regular classes that should begin at least three months before departure.

Chief Pharmacist - This person's responsibility will be to see to the needs of the Pharmacy. He/she will be sure that the pharmacy is well supplied before departure from the States, that there are NO OUT OF DATE DRUGS in the containers, and that we have packed according to the formulary.

Once on the field, s/he will see to the administration of drugs, instruction to each patient of how to take the drugs, and making sure the Pharmacy is secure upon leaving each evening. S/he will see that the Patient Registration Forms are counted daily so that we have a final count of the number of patients seen each day.

The Pharmacist will also make sure that the Pharmacy is clear of everyone but pharmacy personnel at all times. Many times our valuables will be in the Pharmacy and so it is vital that only Pharmacy personnel are there.

Logistics Director - This person will take care of logistical problems as they arise with the team. He will see to the baggage being counted and properly loaded at all airports. He will bring up the "cow's tail" in the airport to make sure we don't leave any "stragglers." And he will help with counting people when we depart the hotel, clinic, or crusades each time. He will be in charge of making sure everyone is where they ought to be. If they are not, he will seek them out and "corral" them back where they belong. This person must be a detail person, and a person who can take charge of what needs to be done. He will work very closely with the Team Leader, and with Partners in Progress personnel who are on site.

Secretary - This person will take care of paperwork situations with the group. They will maintain a working list of everyone who has committed to come. They will keep track of who has paid, and who needs further financial assistance while the group is in the fund raising mode. This person will also make sure all passports are obtained, all tickets are accounted for, and all accounts are taken care of. They will be the chief money collector and the group accountant. This person does not even have to go with the team, but it is most helpful if they do.

The secretary should also submit a complete personnel list to the Partners in Progress contact person on the field that is complete with Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Medical or Personal Workers, and who will be room mates. This must all be done 30 days prior to departure and the list must be in the field coordinator's hands for Partners in Progress at that time. This will facilitate hotel room accommodations, transportation needs, and many other preparations that must be made.

Other Job Responsibilities

There will also be other jobs that will need to be done, but these will be assigned under these major Team Leaders.

These team leaders will be known as the Team Committee. This Committee must meet with the Partners in Progress contact person on a regular basis at times which will be worked out mutually.

These committee members will also meet on a daily basis during the Medical Mission to see to details that needs the group's attention. This meeting will be brief and will take place each evening at the Hotel, either right after supper or right after the crusade.



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