Guyana Missions 1998 Report

The Vision
15 December 1998

What a Year!


1998 has been an incredible year! God has blessed our efforts in ways we couldn't begin to imagine one year ago. He has opened doors of opportunity, blessed our efforts, and showered us with incredible blessings throughout the entire year!

Our efforts in Guyana this year produced results that are our best ever. You will be able to read more about this in this newsletter. Take time to look carefully over this is full of wonderful results!

We have an addition to our family as well. Colleen and I brought a little boy back to the USA with us this trip! His name is Isaiah, and his story is amazing! It is also in this newsletter. Take time to read it and put him on your prayer list.

Our site on the Internet has finally started generating some excitement! In the past two months, we have averaged better than 20,000 hits on our site a month! If you have internet access, take a look at our site. The address is on the back page.

And 1999 looks to be fantastic too! Our plans for the new year build on our successes, and stretch us in new directions too. Take a look! We think you will agree!

The Power of Prayer

In this newsletter, you are going to read some amazing things! God has truly blessed us beyond our wildest imagination. But these things didn't "just happen". Nor have our results hinged on how good we are.

God has blessed our efforts AND rewarded our prayers! HE is the factor that has caused our success.

Please keep us on your prayer list. Pray for us daily as we continue to work for the cause of Christ! Together with your prayers and God's continued help...we will keep seeing GREAT things happen!

A Review of Our Work


  1. 10 Medical Teams, treating 15,000 patients, and baptizing 420 people.
  2. Each Clinic Location also conducted a Gospel Meeting with almost 25,000 people who attended through out the summer.
  3. One Follow Up team that worked in an area where just the week before we had a Medical Team…….this follow up team baptized an additional 10 people.
  4. Over 430 workers who came down to help.
  5. 8 Vacation Bible Schools
  6. 32 Nurturing Projects


  1. 9 Medical Teams
  2. 2 to 4 building projects.
  3. 10 - 12 Vacation Bible Schools
  4. 35 Nurturing Projects
  5. Hoping to Baptize over 500 pre cious souls.
  6. "Live the Mission" Christian Camp


It's Not Too Late For You To Join Us!

Why don't you make plans right now to join us this summer? We have so much that is going to be going on this summer, and no can find a place to help.

Our first teams start arriving the last week in May and the last team doesn't leave until the middle of August. Surely somewhere in that time frame, you can come join us.

Contact us at:

Home Phone: (479) 756-0055
FAX: (479) 756-5396

Isaiah's Arrival to Our Home

In May of this year, we met a little boy who had a very sad past. Born in January 1997, Isaiah's mother and father were not married. In fact, the father was married to someone else, and Isaiah's mother was the father's "mistress".

In August 1997, Isaiah's mother became ill, and she died in September 1997. At that point, the father couldn't take him….so Isaiah stayed with his Grandmother and Aunt. However, they did not have the means to take care of him.

In November 1997, Isaiah was checked into the Georgetown Hospital, suffering from severe malnutrition. He only weighed 7 pounds.

Isaiah stayed in the hospital until April 1998. During his hospital stay, none of his family came to visit him. For all practical purposes, he was all alone in the world.

When he left the hospital, he was placed in a Children's home that was operated by the Red Cross. At the time of his check-in, he was 15 months old and weighed about 12 pounds. He could not walk or talk, and could only crawl a couple of feet. He had chronic respiratory problems, was still suffering the effects of malnutrition, and no one seemed to care for him at all.

It was at this time that we met Isaiah, and our entire family fell in love with him. We began to try to work something out to adopt him. Of course, we didn't have a clue of how to go about this.

The process was long, and time consuming. We met many roadblocks and obstacles, but finally….on September 8th, 1998….we got custody of Isaiah and were able to take him home with us! Shortly after that, on September 12th, we journeyed back to the states with our little boy in tow. It was a time of incredible happiness and joy for everyone. Since arriving home, Isaiah has steadily gained weight, has learned to walk, has begin to thrive, and is generally doing very well.

Isaiah photo - Dec 98

Please keep Isaiah and our family in your daily prayers. We are convinced that is why we have seen such dramatic improvement! Pray that God will heal him, that the drugs will continue to work, and that God will use Isaiah for His service.

Remember!!! Prayer Changes Things!!!

Web Site Success

About 3 years ago, we set up a web site on the Internet, more or less to supply our supporters with information on our work. It was also our hope that at some point, we could generate some interest on the Internet for our work. We had no idea what was going to happen as a result.

Since that time, we have tried to update the site on a regular basis, and broaden it's appeal. Suddenly, in April of this year, we saw the "hits" to our site rise dramatically. In fact, the average traffic as been between 18,000 and 22,000 hits per month! Last month, we averaged 31 hits EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY!!! People are looking at our site from all over the world, and God is getting the glory.

If you have Internet access, take some time to visit us. Our URL is Take the time to sign our Guestbook too. Let us know what you think! This site is a wonderful opportunity not only to report on our work, but to preach the gospel of Jesus. Pay us a visit! You'll be glad you did.

Live The Mission Encampment

One of our projects for 1999 is something we have never done before. It is a Missions Camp that will be in Guyana for children here in the states ages 15 - 18 years old. This camp will be like no other Christian Camp Experience!

Everything will start on July 3, 1999. You will arrive in Guyana and the next day, be transferred to our campsite, deep in the rain forest. There, you will spend a week, going over the "in's and out's" of mission work. This will be a traditional Camp program, but in a setting that is far from traditional.

Following a week in the Rain Forest, you will come back into Georgetown and work for a week with a Medical Team. This will give you an opportunity to put into practice the things that you have just learned. You will be assigned a "Mentor" who will work with you and help you to sharpen your skills as a soul winner for Jesus.

Needless to say, we are very excited about this opportunity. And we want you, or a teen that you know, to be involved.

Call us, email us, or contact us now! There will be lots to do to plan and prepare for this! But one thing is sure. THIS WILL BE A LIFE CHANGING WEEK FOR EVERYONE INVOLVED!

Don't miss out on your chance to come. Join us or send someone to join us this summer. You won't be sorry!

rainforest cabin
Join us in our Rainforest Encampment!

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