Global Planning of Medical Mission Clinics

The following information is provided so you can appreciate what has been done for you. If, after many trips to the field you want to organize a trip, this will serve as an outline of what you have to do.

These preparations have to be made both in the States, and in the field. Understand that this ministry requires the work, effort, and diligence of several people, all over the world, the year round.


1. Pursues permission to hold clinics from the Ministry of Health.

2. Secures necessary permits for holding clinic, teaching, preaching, etc.

3. Works with Ministry of Health to get drugs into country Duty Free.

4. Takes care of licensing necessary of medical personnel. You are working under the Ministry of Health in a foreign country. Permission is necessary. Partners in Progress will need a copy of your diploma and license.

5. Lodging - hotel or motel is best to allow necessary quiet time, especially for first time missionaries.

6. Site Location - finding a location for the Medical Mission that will accommodate the team, and the crowd of people who come to the clinic. You must look at security, crowd control, flow of the crowd, and privacy for the doctors or dentists to be able to attend to the patients in the best possible way.

7. Crowd control - nationals should be organized to assist with crowd control and registration.

8. Food - as close to home as possible. Good quality and quantity.

9. Transportation - Needs will vary according to clinic site and distance to clinic. Must be adequate to carry personnel and supplies.

10. Partners in Progress obviously has to spend some money to get all of this done. Be sure they have the sources to be stable in this area. Remember, have your deposits and payments in on time; otherwise we will not have the money to insure your arrangements.


1. Selection of personnel

2. Selection of Medication

3. Personal Papers Necessary:

4. Air Transportation - this should be done by one agency for the entire trip so everything is coordinated. Partners in Progress uses one travel agency that sees to the needs of all our groups. This allows them to give us the special service that we need travelling with a large group.

5. Make clinical assignments here so participants can prepare mentally. (These can change on-site, of course.)

6. Make sure each person has his/her personal health requirements met.

7. Some knowledge of local customs and culture needs to be given.

8. Prayer

9. Timetable for entire venture indicating when preparations should be started and finished for everyone involved. We are all busy and defined deadlines help.

10. A flowsheet should be prepared by the person in charge.

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