by Bill McDonough, September 1996

    It is our goal to help field missionaries who can cope with missionary life and who will go to the masses of our world confident that they have the tools to share the gospel in cross country settings.

    Guyana is the only nation in the world that we are aware of that presents the opportunity to introduce would-be missionaries to real Third World life with its sights, sounds and smells where English is the national language.

    Guyana is composed of 42% ethnic Indians who were brought from India by plantation owners as indentured servants in the middle eighteen hundreds. The remaining 58% of the population is made up of 48% Blacks, 1% Asians and 10% European ethnic groups.

    All the worlds major religions are actively practiced there. Our Interns will learn how to present the gospel message to the Hindu and Moslem while working with the infant churches that are scattered along the coastal plain of Guyana.

    Three mornings a week will be spent in the class room studying missions principles and methods and the remainder of the time interns will be in the field evangelizing and nurturing. They will be introduced to different methods of evangelization. Working with the medical teams that Partners in Progress will have in the country they will learn how to couple benevolence with evangelism.

    Director of the Guyana Bible School, Jerry Cantrell said, "This will go a long way in providing the missing element in the work in Guyana. Although we have done a marvelous job of evangelizing there has never been the attention given to the development of the local congregation that it deserves and thus we have experienced a very high drop out ratio."

    Two Interns will be assigned to a young congregation and will spend the summer, under close supervision of an experienced missionary, helping that local church.

    After two months in the Guyana Internship interns will know if they are able to adjust to life in a Third World country and if they can be effective working among the masses of this world.

    Only a limited number of Interns will be selected to allow adequate time for training and supervision. The program will run for eight weeks beginning the first week of June 1997.

    Applicants must have completed a minimum of one year of university training and be seriously considering a life of foreign mission work. An application can be obtained by writing to

Guyana Internship, P.O. Box 150, Little Rock, AR 72203-0150

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