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A Camp Like None Other ...

"Tearing Down the Walls"
June 23 - July 8, 2007

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Live the Mission 2007

What: Live the Mission is a camp like none other. The first week of LTM is spent in the rainforest in an intense church camp that focuses on Godís call to save the world. The second week of Live the Mission is spent with the mission team conducting a medical mission near Georgetown, Guyana. Many of the people who go with us will do Bible studies, minor medical work, assist in distributing medications, get intern experience, and run the nightly VBS or Gospel Meetings. Campers will actually do all of these things, making sure they get the full mission experience.

When: This year we will leave on June 23 and return home on July 8, 2007.

Where: This year we will be staying at the Grand Coastal Inn in Georgetown, Guyana. This is a very well protected and safe facility for our groups. They will receive a huge amount of business from our mission teams over the summer and are therefore prepared to accommodate us. They will have unlimited supplies of bottled water and food that is safe for us to eat. The first week of camp will take place in the rainforest at Shanklands Resort, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Who: The mission experience is available to those students who have completed at least one year of high school prior to going. Those going must also commit to spending large amounts of time preparing financially and spiritually to go. They must have a firm knowledge of the operations of the mission experience, as well as a very good understanding and ability to share the message of the Gospel and the Steps to Salvation.

How much:

Cost of sending medical supplies.......$50
Cost of two weeks in great hotels....$1000 
Cost of week in rain forest...........$900
Cost of roundtrip airline tickets....$1250
Saving a single soul.............PRICELESS
The total cost for going to Guyana for the camp and the mission trip in 2007 should be somewhere around $3,200. That is a rough estimate and will vary based on current airfare costs. Most, if not all of your expenses can be covered through the use of fundraising letters. (All numbers above are estimates.)

Jungle Hike
Why: Top Ten Reasons to Go to Guyana
10. Good food. Food you can tell your friends about.
  9. 15 passenger minivans.
  8. Missionary extraordinaire Steve Deloach Grand Coastal Inn.
  7. You get a stamp on your passport.
  6. A week in the rainforest.
  5. It's fun.
  4. Christian fellowship, friends, and memories.
  3. Helping people receive medicines they could never get otherwise.
  2. You will experience God and His love in a powerful way.
  1. ďGo and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.Ē

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campers and staff
2006 campers and staff

Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it safe?
      Operation Guyana has brought thousands of Americans to Guyana over the last fifteen years. Nobody has ever been harmed. Statistically, you are safer with Steve DeLoach in Guyana than you are on an interstate highway in the States. Any sight where we work will have a barrier of some kind around it and certain people in the group will come to Guyana to run security for us while we are at the clinic. However, Guyana is a third world country. On occasion there is political unrest. The advantage we have is that Steve has had a great deal of experience in understanding the mood of the capital city and will never put anybody in danger.

    How will I know what to say?

      Your group will have meetings to learn more about the mission trip. A major part of these meetings will be spent learning about and practicing how to talk to people about the Gospel. A sample study is included. You donít have to know a ton of memory verses to study with somebody. We will be prepared for the studies before we go.

    Isnít this a mission trip for older people?

      No. This mission trip is an amazing opportunity for teenagers to share their faith and passion with the Guyanese and also to be a huge example to the older members of the medical team.

    Will I get sick?

      Donít drink the water. Only eat food at the hotel, where they cook to suit our American stomachs. Drink tons and tons of the free and safe bottled water. If you do these things, you still might need some Tums once or twice, but you wonít be bedridden. Nothing that some Pepto canít take care of.

    Will it change my life?
      Yes. And perhaps change somebody elseís eternal address. You will learn so much and become stronger in your faith and your ability to share with others in your daily life here in the States.

    I am too young to go. Can I still do something?

      You bet! This year we are really going to be encouraging younger teens to come and join us in our weekly Guyana meetings. At these meetings, they will also get the opportunity to learn more about how to teach their friends about the Gospel, and more about the missions experience as well.

    How do I apply?

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  For more information, please contact Steve DeLoach.

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