On Site Jobs and Responsibilities


* Arrive early for set up time and prayer/devo time.

* Set FIRM time for clinic closing enforced by on site team.


* Find best flow of operations. This may take some time.

* Keep records. Registration sheet for EACH patient progresses through each station until the sheet is completed. Make sure every station fills out their part.


* Large, airy, well lit room is best. Try to locate as many stations here as possible.

* Control patients at all times.

- Seat while waiting.
- Keep them away from work stations.
- Registration - this is key to control.
- On site officials to enforce orderliness.
- Maintain a separate exit or controlled exit.
- Avoid bottlenecks.


* Compare notes on clinic operation during breaks and after operation to make the next days more efficient and successful, for new ideas and resolution of problems.

* Recheck equipment and supplies, repair and replenish.

* Prayer and intercession for next day.

* Staff must get adequate sleep and good food.


* Flag appropriate "registration sheets" for follow-up.

* Try to "plug in" any good prospects with the local church and preacher.

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