Progression of Positions

1. Gate Keeper/Crowd Control - This position maintains flow into the clinic. It is vital that the person in charge here is able to be decisive and know how to say "no." This person must be a "type A" personality.

2. Registration - Registrars will log initial information on patient registration form. This position will usually be manned by local brethren, but not always. If not, remember your attitude and a smile are important. The patient form is easy to understand and easy to fill out. At this point it is determined what is the patient's chief complaint and they are assigned one of the following: Physician, Dentist, Eye Doctor, etc. Only one Doctor per patient, per visit.

3. Personal Evangelism - This is the whole purpose of our clinic. Personal workers should not hurry through the study. This is why we came this far. Remember, everybody needs the message of Jesus Christ. Pray and take your time. Make sure you fill out your portion of the patient form and sign your name.

4. Vital Signs - At this station you will take the patients pulse, blood pressure, temperature, chief complaint, and other vital signs as dictated by the Medical Director. Patient form is filled out and given back to patient. Patient leaves here and goes to Triage.

5. Triage - This station may also be incorporated with vital signs, depending on the number of personnel available. In many cases, illnesses can be diagnosed and treatment prescribed at this station. Only severe problems or questionable diagnoses should be subject to more scrutinizing procedures by a physician.

However, this system is totally at the discretion of the Medical Director. He or she will decide how this section of the clinic will work to best meet the needs of the team.

6. Physician Exam - Self-explanatory. Doctors see patients at this point, diagnose problems, and prescribe medications.

This is the point in the clinic where the patient will see either Physician, Dentist, Eye Doctor, etc.

7. Pharmacy - Dispensing of prescribed medications. Prepacking and labeling meds. Recovery of patient forms takes place here. These forms will be used in follow-up. THIS IS A BUSY STATION AND THE LAST TO CLOSE FOR THE DAY. MEDICATION MUST BE SECURED FOR THE NIGHT. This may require boxing and moving medicines to a lockable smaller room. Those persons not assigned to another location at the close of the clinic day should report to the Pharmacy area to aid in the "catch up" and securing the area for the night. Help is needed, but being in the way is not. If you are not needed, get out of the way. Make sure the Pharmacy sees to a daily count of patients seen based on a count of the Patient sheets that are left in the Pharmacy.

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