The purpose of this Web site is to inform interested parties about the mission work of the Churches of Christ as it relates to Guyana, South America. As you read this and other pages, you will learn something of our history, our goals, our plans, and how you can be involved.

Who Are We?

The mission work you will be reading about is the collective mission work of Churches of Christ. The Church of Christ is a nondenominational body of people who practice "New Testament Christianity." That is to say, we are interested in doing things just as the Bible says. We are "just Christians."

We are a fundamental group of people with no organized leadership on a national or international level. In fact, each church is independent. We recognize Jesus Christ as the only Head of the church, and we strive to pattern our ministry after what He would have us do.

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 You may contact Steve DeLoach at SDeLoach@Guyana-Missions.org.

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