1997 Mission Trip to Mahaica, Guyana

by Sarah Ezell
high school senior

     This mission trip was successful! So many lives were touched and so many seeds were planted.

     I got to know the people in Mahaica. Some are strong in Christ there, but some in the church are very weak. This was one of the particular problems focused on in the ladies' Bible study each day. The church in Mahaica needs our prayers. The future does look bright, however, because the teens are a faithful group filled with the spirit. These young people are not without their own problems: peer pressures concerning sex, drugs, and alcohol (sound familiar? ... same pressures we young people are having here in the States). After having been with the Mahaica teens for a week, I am convinced that they want the church in their community to grow in strength and numbers and are committed to doing what they can to make this happen. I am thinking of one boy there in particular that has a special fire burning inside that makes me feel that he'll be doing great things in service to God. While I was there, he was eager to lead singing, he boldly invited friends to come learn about God, and he constantly exhibited his leadership personality. Even now, in my heart I know that he continues to do good work for God.

     Our goal was to help them help themselves in the spreading of the good news. I believe we shared many good things. My job involved working with the young children and others my age. We showed them ways of reaching and teaching their very young children through "vacation Bible school," and we showed the teenagers that they can find great strength in numbers and that Christian friendship and fellowship are important for combating those outside pressures.

     This particular mission work also helped me in my own personal spiritual growth. Once again, I find myself feeling humbled because they have so little and we have so much and we take it for granted. I felt very inadequate at times about helping others but just worked from day to day doing what they needed me to do. We all worked very hard together.

     We have been back home now for several months but we haven't forgotten our brothers and sisters in Mahaica. Our mission team still meets together periodically to pray for their special needs and their continued strength and growth. Again, I would like to ask you to also keep them in your prayers.

     I'm thankful for all those whom God uses to do his work. God sent me to do the work in Guyana. God used all of you who supported His work financially as the wind beneath my wings (this time; God may call you to spread your wings next time).

Romans 8:28 ... And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. (NIV)

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