Guyana Missions Summary

by Steve DeLoach, D.Min.
November 2002

    Since 1992, we have treated almost 140,000 patients in a total of 98 different clinics! We have had over 200 different nurturing projects, 100 Vacation Bible Schools, and have encouraged thousands of our new brothers and sisters in Christ. We have baptized over 4,000 people and have conducted THOUSANDS of one on one Bible studies.

    Last year alone, we ...

    In fact, since May 1993, the church has averaged a baptism every single day of the calendar! We have watched the number of congregations explode from 26 in 1992 to over 98 today! We have watched the church grow from 3,000 members to over 10,000 members. And people just like you had a big part in this work!

    If you are a faithful member of the Church of Christ, why not plan to join us? The best is yet to come! Let God use you to share His word with the beautiful people of Guyana.

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