West-Ark Church of Christ Guyana Mission Team
Nurses' Supply Packing List

The nurses on the Guyana Medical Mission Team of the West-Ark church use the following list to aid in packing supplies for their annual trip to Guyana. We wish to share this list on the Web to assist other groups who are planning an evangelistic clinic in Guyana. Each team should adapt the list to their own needs and their own available packing space. Procurement of supplies should begin months before scheduled departure.

This list is not in any particular order. It is not possible to take everything on the list. Not everything on the list will be used every year at the clinic site. Always ask the doctors and dentists on your team if there is anything special they will need that is not on your list. The Little Rock office of Partners In Progress can be contacted well in advance of departure to assist in acquiring essential supplies that the team leaders cannot find.

If your team will be using the imported formulary, be sure to pack thousands of 2x3 and 3x5 ziplock bags, as well as print and pack all the labels for the medications. You may also want to take several pill counters. You will need a few boxes of gallon size ziplock bags for storing counted medicines.

Laboratory Supplies

Other Supplies

  IMPORTANT: Do not exceed 50 pounds per packed bag/box/tote of supplies.  

Cokes, Drinking Water, and Ice are supplied by Partners In Progress in Guyana for team use at the clinic site. A 220 & 110 Generator is usually available. If you are expecting any other items to be available at the clinic, please contact Steve DeLoach, in-country coordinator, well in advance of stateside departure.

If you have suggestions for additions to the above list,
please contact Operation Guyana's Webminister, Dr. Michael Cole.

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