What To Take

The following is a compiled list. Although it is a helpful guide, you will need to personalize your packing list according to your own preferences and tastes. This list can be used as a guide to help you check off what you need to take with you. Packing limitations will not allow all items to be taken.

The following list is for individual use. If you are looking for ideas about what the team should take to conduct the medical mission, check out the Supply Packing List of one of our teams.

Documents, etc.


Personal Hygiene / Comfort

Electric Items

Snacks for Sanity


Tips for Packing

Necessity Breakdown


One Carry-On Bag (Must fit under airline seat.) Must contain your Passport and Airline Ticket. Should have a change of clothes and a snack, along with personal medications.

One Suitcase (40 pound limit) -- Locked!!! Use Partners in Progress ID Tag.

Something To Carry Drinking Water (Canteen, jug, thermos, sipper cup)

Food For Lunch at clinic: Snack foods will be okay (but chocolate will melt). Take in Ziploc bags to keep bugs out. You might need a fork and pocketknife.

Partners in Progress Name Tag - - wear it at all times. Believe it or not, this could really help you in time of trouble.


Cash -- Not less than $100 (NO travelers' checks, and don't count on using credit cards. Credit Card fraud is extremely common in the Caribbean.)

Any Needed Personal Items (Don't expect to buy anything there.) Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. Personal Medications must be labeled and in your carry-on. Take extra pair of glasses or contacts.

Kleenex or Toilet Paper for use at clinic site bathroom.
Hip Pack, Bag, or Backpack
Bible, Tracts, and Study Guide
Pens, Paper, and other writing supplies
Flashlight and extra batteries
Insect Repellent

Nurses and Doctors take Stethoscope
Doctors take Otoscope (and extra batteries)


Travel Alarm (wind-up or battery-powered)
Sunglasses and Swimsuit
Umbrella and Hat or Cap
Wash Cloth
Cheap wristwatch and Cheap Jewelry (May still be stolen. Be careful.)
Camera (and extra film and batteries)



At the clinic you may NOT wear: Blue jeans, shorts, T-shirts, expensive looking Clothes, Shoes, or Jewelry.
Ladies - no pants, ever. It causes a cultural problem.

Do not bring any type of fireworks, firearm, or even ammunition. It is an offense in Guyana, punishable by prison, to even possess any form of ammunition.

Take no unlabeled drugs/medications.

Wondering what to take for lunches?
Balance Bars, Beanie Weanies, Beef Jerky, Boost Bars, Breakfast Bars, Canned Peaches, Cheese Crackers, Clif Bars, Cracker Jacks, Ensure, Fruit Snacks, Gatorade, Gold Fish Crackers, Granola Bars, NutriGrain Bars, Nutter Butter, Oatmeal Cream Pies, Pay Day, Peanut Butter Crackers, Peanut M & M's, Peanuts, Pop Tarts, Power Bars, Pringles, Pudding Snack Paks, Sugar Smacks, Trail Mix, Tuna Salad Lunch Kits, Vienna Sausages, Wheat Thins, or anything similar

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